Jim Day - Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Daybreak Power, Jim worked for multinational energy consulting firm IHS Markit, where he focused on energy storage, hydropower, and natural gas and electricity markets. 

He began his career in the energy sector as a diplomat for the U.S. State Department, where he supported trade in renewables, gas and nuclear power and worked on the UN climate negotiations leading up to the Paris Agreement.

He graduated from Northwestern University and more recently earned an MBA from George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.

Jim is committed to building a profitable, sustainable business in the booming clean-energy sector—the industry that will enable a carbon-free future for his children. 


Joyce Patry - Founder & COO

Joyce has several years of experience owning and operating several businesses throughout the United States.  Experienced in streamlining processes and procedures for organizations, Joyce is excited to apply her experience to what matters - the environment.  

She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University and recently completed her MBA from George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.